The Chef
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If Cuisine Chef George Matta's name does not ring a bell for you, his credentials will. George Matta is a cousin of the late Antoine Toubia and spent 16 years with his restaurants. In recent years, Mr. Matta was a Chef at Cafe Chantilly, as well as Executive Chef at the Piccadilly Grill on Wichita's east  side. A number of years back George Matta was elevated to the challenging position of restaurant manager at Piccadilly Grill.

Executive Chef Matta brings his culinary talents and knowledge to his very own fine Adrian's Restaurant, named after his son. Chef Matta prepares his  flavorful dishes with a large, varied, and delectable menu, featuring Mediterranean, American, and International cuisine. In fact, in the short time since Adrian's has opened its doors on July 20th 2004, they have already enjoyed numerous repeat customers.

Not only does George Matta have a wonderful gift for preparing fine cuisine dishes, but he is a very accomplished musician as well. With a beautiful singing voice, experienced with playing the Oud and guitar, specializing in Flamenco and Classical Music, George Matta has played professionally in Paris and in Africa. George Matta will be performing at Adrian's from time to time.